Delivering Value to the Healthcare Industry


Customized learning solutions for global healthcare industry stakeholders

MEDNIVA provides highly customized learning solutions to the global healthcare industry. With exclusive access to InteLearn™, the patent-pending learning methods that leverage cognitive science, and form the basis of learning at Duke-NUS Medical School (Singapore) and Duke University School of Medicine (U.S.A.), MEDNIVA creates value for the industry that leads to better physician and patient outcomes.

Key Value Points:


  • The healthcare industry already invests heavily in educating its stakeholders, often inefficiently (“education malpractice”)
  • MEDNIVA can lower total spend and help optimize marketing / sales investments to ultimately help improve patient outcomes


  • The patent-pending pedagogy, already proven in medical schools, is also now validated in the healthcare industry with phenomenal learning outcomes

With access to Duke campuses in U.S.A., Singapore, and China, along with top faculty from leading academic institutions around the world, MEDNIVA provides highly customized learning solutions globally.


Duke-NUS Team Based Learning

The Duke-NUS Medical School takes the innovative Duke School of Medicine curriculum as its foundation and builds onto that the best elements of Team-Based Learning. In Team-Based Learning, lectures, readings and the review of supplemental material on a given topic are completed before class. In-class activity focuses on assuring understanding, applying principles, and solving problems within student teams facilitated by faculty. Courses are run by multidisciplinary faculty teams of clinicians and scientists who are supported by education faculty with expertise in the science of learning. The classroom discussions are principally driven by student enquiry instead of faculty answers.

MEDNIVA – InteLearn ™

Patent Title : "Method For Applying Scientific Research On Brain Learning To Optimize Individual Learning Environments" (patent-pending)

Applies brain science and multiple proven learning effects to optimize learning in customized environments

MEDNIVA translates successful outcomes from Duke-NUS (Singapore) & Duke (USA) medical schools to global healthcare industry learning needs

science-led learning
for a science-led industry

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