The MEDNIVA Difference

The Medniva Difference

MEDNIVA Brings Unique Value to the Healthcare Industry with Active, High-Retention Learning

MEDNIVA Can Replace Traditional Inefficient Investments without Incremental Spend

Illustrative Example
MEDNIVA Investments
Target ~1/2 of current traditional Marketing /
Med Ed investments into more efficient MEDNIVA investments instead
  • MEDNIVA Investments
  • Traditional Med Ed Investments
  • Field Force Investments

MEDNIVA Can Lower Total Company Spend with More Efficient Investments

MEDNIVA’s Unique Pedagogy Leveraging InteLearn™ Ensures Learning

Evolution of Assessment Scores of Top Debated Questions
Most dramatic improvement seen during team discussions, validating MEDNIVA’s unique pedagogy

MEDNIVA’s Dramatically Improves Clinical Studies Knowledge

Knowledge Assessment
Participants initially struggled most with clinical study content, indicating an unmet learning need. MEDNIVA closed this gap by improving clinical studies knowledge assessments by 64%

Increase in Fluency of
Clinical Studies Supports:

Better Physician Understanding of Products
Better Patient Outcomes
Better Company / Physician “peer-to-peer” Conversations
More Appropriate Prescribing
Internal Learners Being More Knowledgeable, Credible, Persuasive


Unique, Highly Customized Program Elements that Result in Quantifiable, Validated Learning Outcomes

MEDNIVA customizes learning elements to fit specific learning objectives and audience characteristics, while staying true to the proven, efficient, patent-pending Duke-NUS pedagogy

MEDNIVA Elements Customized by Audience, Learning Objectives, and Scenario

External Physicians Example

Module Mini-Reviews
(Advance Prep Not Required)

Embedded Questions Every 6-10 Min
(No Formal Testing Session)

Individual and Team Responses
(Anonymous Learning Analytics)

Discussion / Clarification

Applied Case Studies with Team Debates

Final Assessment
(Anonymous Learning Analytics)

Internal Learners Example

Advance Prep Module Review

Individual Testing
(Named Learning Analytics)

Team Debate / Testing
(Named Learning Analytics)

Discussion / Clarification

Applied Case Studies with Team Debates Optional Clinic Simulations / Role-Plays

Final / Follow-Up Testing
(Named Learning Analytics)

Quantifiable Learning Outcomes Captured

MEDNIVA Certification

  • Reference to Duke-NUS / Duke
  • Signatories may be customized; may include external physicians depending on scenario
  • CME accreditation optional, depending on content scope and specific scenario

Global Coverage for Broad Objectives and Stakeholders

MEDNIVA Programs Can Be Organized Globally, and in Any Language with Simultaneous Translation if Needed
Internal Stakeholders
  • Medical Staff
  • Medical Science Liaisons
  • Sales Reps
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing
  • Regulatory
  • Senior Executives
  • Other Functions
    (BD, Finance, Compliance)
External Stakeholders
  • Specialty Physicians
  • Primary Care Physicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Hospital Pharmacists
  • Retail Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Payers / Formulary
  • Therapists
Sample Industry Scenarios Where MEDNIVA Adds Value
  • Launch of new product / indication / clinical data
  • Anticipate / outmaneuver competition
  • Achieve reimbursement / formulary inclusion
  • Increase diagnosis / disease awareness
  • Improve compliance